Artistry in Fiber Vol. 3: Wearable Art

by Anne Lee (Author),‎ E. Ashley Rooney (Author),‎ Susan Taber Avila (Foreword),‎ Margery Goldberg (Foreword)

"Wearable fiber art, whether in garment or jewelry form, is unique in that the human body breathes life, shape, and movement into the pieces. Be it a felted brooch or a dress made of book pages, wearable fiber art can provide personal expression unavailable from the world of mass production. In this volume of the acclaimed three-book series, comments from the makers, who discuss creating pieces that the wearer influences, are accompanied by more than 300 photos. Susan Taber Avila offers insights to what wearable art means and how fibers play into that combination, and Margery Goldberg discusses the term in relation to jewelry. The hundreds of creations here, bridging art, design, craft, and fashion, show how fiber art that relates to the human body is in a class of its own."

Art at the Margins: Hunter College

Upcoming Show:

Art at the Margins
Hunter College
Oct 5-Dec 15
New York, NY

Solo Exhibition: Fresno Art Museum July 14, 2018-January 6, 2019

"Americana" refers to artifacts related to the history, geography, folklore, and cultural heritage of the United States. It is also a latinized version of "female American."

The Creators Project: Article for Vice

"Duchamp's Urinal A Lot Funnier in Felt" Anna Marks, Feb 5, 2017

"Within this artist's collection, there are a series of sculpted pies, a urinal, a hare, and even a bloodied tampon. Each piece is made from wool and felt - traditional textiles - resulting in soft and earthy textures. The urinal appears not to be dirty, stained ceramic but a delicate art piece, and a used tampon is transformed into a thing to be admired."

Pulling Threads

November 9th - November 30th, 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 12th, 7-10pm
Panel Discussion (hopefully moderated by Doren Bowen); Wednesday, November 16th, 6-8pm

Root Division
1131 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Head to Toe: Wearable Art

September 30, 2016 - January 8, 2017

Fresno Art Museum
2233 North First Street
Fresno, CA 93703

"Inspired in part by the Museum’s signature fundraiser and fashion show, TrashiqueHead to Toe: Wearable Art features artwork that uses the human body as part of the final piece. Featuring artists from across the United States and unique creations in a variety of mediums including metallurgy, millinery, painting, woodcarving, and weaving, this exhibition explores the complex relationship of wearable art with the fashion world, the art world, and the world of craft. Wearable art acts as a method of self-expression, innovation, and is a reflection of the millennia-old human tendency to create and wear beautiful things."

Kimball Gallery Residency August 2015

"Jenne Giles will work with museum visitors to build a Coral Wreath from wool and other fibers using felting techniques. During the process, visitors will learn about the unique ecology of coral reefs as well as current threats posed to their survival. The final installation will illustrate the biodiversity of coral reefs. Made in colorless fibers, its bleached appearance is a symbolic call to action to prevent further loss of these precious ocean habitats."
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