I turned to wool in 2005 to create sculptured textiles and wearable art. Through experimentation I discovered that wool, with its pliability and saturated palette, is similar to other fine art mediums like paint and clay. I make each piece by applying wool as painterly strokes and fields of color to create a thick bed of fiber. Wetting this matrix with hot soapy water, I mesh the fibers together by rolling and hand-working them in a process similar to sculpting with clay. It is an alchemical process, rich with surprise and expression.
It is perhaps difficult for me to separate my art from my experience as a woman in a dichotomized world, but I strive for more universal concepts that can reach across differences of identity.  My work introduces small riddles embedded in the conceptual fabric of the piece; these loose threads might hopefully snag in the minds of others, unraveling a new awareness in those who interact with my art.