I began working with wool in 2005 to create sculptured textiles and wearable art after a long period of working with mild steel and other mixed media. I discovered that wool, with its pliability and saturated palette, is similar to other fine art mediums like paint and clay. First, I create a lyrical, physical armature from wire or steel, to which the felted wool will be sewn. Then, on a flat surface, I begin laying out the fiber in painterly fields of color. I use hot soapy water to bind the fibers together by hand and with rollers in a process similar to sculpting with clay.  Finally, I embellish each work using a barbed needle to enmesh fibers into the surface of the felted work to create a desired illusion. I enjoy the journey that each piece entails and the variety, effect, and visual resolution of the fibers involved. 

Conceptually, these pieces are a mix of responding to real-world events,  autobiographical subjects, and revisiting historical items. By blending these different themes together: history, memory, feminism, commercialism, and an ecology that evokes an impending future, I try to create a contemporary body that speaks to living in the present moment. Wool has an ancient history that has only recently been rediscovered; I try to engage with it and to fully explore its artistic implications.